Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck… FUCK!”

Tech stomps around in her cell trying to get any kind of signal out of the makeshift electronics she’s scrounged up from the rotting corpses around her. The smell was awful, but the thought of what was going on outside was worse.

She feels useless.

Tech throws the makeshift radio into the wall and punches the door to the cell. The demon on the other side gives her a toothy grin and chuckles.

“You’ll be the first to go,” she snarls.

Lucky for her the guards weren’t exactly up to date about modern technology, so they didn’t even try to stop her from making the radio let alone know what she was doing. She picks up the radio and starts to tinker away. There has to be a way to get in contact with Soldier and help him out of his cell.

For all she knew Ranger, Bruiser, Warrior, and Sniper never made it through the portal into the world, so they could be the only people to stand between the Earth and the forces of evil.

Soldier must have been getting something even just a tap on the implant inside of his head.

There was a commotion outside. Looking out of the bars, she could see the demon guarding the door had his neck snapped. The door’s lock started to slide and she stood back from the door. An invisible force had opened it, but who did it became readily apparent.

“Sorry we’re late,” Ranger says removing her camouflage and putting a laser blaster into Tech’s hand.

Tech jumps into her arms gives her a hug.

“Ow, ow, ow, naked here, remember?” Ranger says pulling Tech off of her. “It is good to see you’re ok, but we’ve got go there’s something wrong here.”

The two ran down the hallway ducking into shadows to avoid the small groups of demons. Ranger pulled back on her visor and scouted ahead. She puts on her com.

“So what’s been happening on the surface?” asks Tech as she access a security panel to turn off the cameras outside of the main operations centre.

“Nothing good, half the world has been taken by the demons and we’re doing our best to hold what little we have left,” Ranger says. She pulls off a key from the belt of a demon guard and slips away back into the shadows.

Regrouping the two continue on to ops.

“Think we have a chance?” asks Tech.

“A snowball’s chance in hell, and we’re already in hell,” says Ranger.

Outside of ops, the two count down.

One, shoot out the alarm systems in the room. Two, break the necks of the guards and staff in the room. Three, disarm any alarms around the maximum security cells containing soldier. Four, contact Bruiser and the chosen one for phase two of the operation.

“There they are and they’re walking into a trap,” says Tech cleaning off the detritus from the security camera panel. Grabbing Ranger’s watch, she sends a signal to the two of them alerting them that she’s safe. Ranger puts her visor back on and disappears. “Don’t forget to lock the door on your way out,” Tech says.

Rushing through the hall, Ranger puts her com back on. “Lock them out of that door, 10 seconds to intercept.”

“Got it,” replies Tech.

Ranger taps Bruiser on his back and whispers into his ear. “Soldier’s been given a dose of neurotoxins and he’s unconscious. The door’s been rigged to trap you inside, so there’s no real way to get him out.”

“So what are our options?”

You think your options. You could send in Ranger with her camouflage in hopes that it won’t trip the alarms in the room or you can wait for Tech to disarm any traps waiting for them inside, and then slap some sense into Solider.

Wait for Tech | Send in Ranger

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