Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

In the basement, you run into your parents who are obediently cowering under a table. The room is shaking and there are snarls coming from the door leading to the kitchen as Ranger stomps down the stairs.

She gives the room a quick look over. She places a hand on the wall furthest from you and fiddles with her watch. A pulse seems to slither its way through the wall exposing the struts, supports, and rubbish in the dirt beyond. The green, grid pattern seeps its way further into the ground exposing the sewers.

“Over to this wall, now!” she commands. “Get out your blaster and mirror the changes to my settings. We’re going to be using its boring function instead of its blasting function.”

“That doesn’t sound like a very exciting,” your dad quips from somewhere in the back.

Ranger looks over her shoulder. “Sorry,” he grumbles.

With a few adjustments made to the weapons, you and Ranger aim the weapon toward the sewers. The beam lights up the basement and fills the room with the smell of melting metal and burnt earth. It’s making progress as the small, round hole tunnels its way toward the sewers.

Ranger beckons you to keep going as she checks on the barricade at the top of the stairs. She punches a hole through the door and fires a few blasts into the kitchen sending the white dots on your watch running away from the house. But there’s something scratching at the wall around you.

“They’re starting to bury in through the mortar of the basement walls,” Ranger yells from the top of the stairs.

She runs down the steps and throws a punch through one of the walls bringing a screaming, flailing slug-like demon out of the wall. Your parents recoil in terror and Ranger takes out her blaster putting it to the demon’s temple.

Green slime coats the walls. Ranger cleans her face with a sleeve and flips a few switches on her blaster. Your parents are covered by the slime as is your back, but you’re still burrowing underground toward the sewer. She walks over to your parents and points the blaster. A soft yellow light envelops them and the slime begins to dissolve, but their expressions are still a mix of shock and confusion.

Ranger walks over to you to check on the status of the tunnel.

“Looks like we’re in to the sewers,” she says dissolving the slime from your back before turning the blaster on herself. “Whose going to go first?”

My Parents | US!

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