Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

Zozhar’s laugh fills the filtration plant as you walk over to his side. His giant hands rise up and he steps out of the fissure. The sight of him would drive any person insane as it must have to compel you to join its side.

You can see Ranger being held back by Bruiser. She escapes his grasp and runs toward you, but is blown back by a gust of wind like an ant blown away by a vengeful child. She swears and ducks behind cover shooting lances of light toward the sky.

The demon looks down upon you from the clouds and his index finger zooms toward you. His fingernail prods you in the centre of your chest and a warmth spreads through your body. Your veins alight with fire and power. Growths are bursting out from your back, perhaps wings or spines like the ones the demons threw at your previously.

Your eyesight begins to redden as the power lifts you into the air.

A great beam of green light pierces your chest.

Zozhar’s laugh is the last thing you hear as you fall to the ground, lose consciousness, and die.

The End.

— Page 29 —

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