Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

Ranger’s movements start go slack at the grey gas starts to take hold of her. Bruiser’s fingers are biting into the metal of the door as he watches his teammate slowly sag and fall to the ground.

“Have we waited long enough, yet?” he asks testily over the com.

“It should be safe go to in,” says Tech. “The reserves of gas are emptied, but I think it might have done permanent damage to Soldier if he’s out this long.” You can hear as Tech slams the security panel back in operations. “I’ve unlocked the door and vented the area.”

Bruiser slowly walks into the room being careful not to trip any wires or traps. The room was a death trip and the demons in the complex knew it. By now they knew where they were. They were just toying with them and would likely meet them in force outside of the complex.

Bending down toward Ranger, you check her pulse. You remove the two large knives that’s still gripping in her hands. They’re like machetes and almost too big for your hands to hold. Bruiser bends down beside you. “Probably a good idea,” he says.

He picks her up and brings her out of the room. Inching closer and closer to her face, Bruiser kisses her unconscious mouth. He looks a little guilty after he’s done it as he sees you are looking.

As he walks out of the room, you see that his back muscles are starting to spasm. Suddenly, he’s dropped Ranger and has charged up his axe.

“The neurotoxin must have seeped into him!” Tech says over the com.

The pins you to the ground and slams the axe in the ground beside your head.

You plunge the plasma knifes into his forearms, but doesn’t seem to phase him.

The next axe strike meets its mark.

The End.

— Page 14 —

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