Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

The sky above radiates with light. The beam you saw propel Warrior into Zozhar is about to fire at the crevice that is about five feet away from you and closing fast. Ranger grabs you and pulls you back from the edge as the first beam slices down from the clouds and into the crevice.

Tech has stays close to the edge keeping watch with Bruiser. Tech looks at her watch and slams a fist into the ground.

“His heart’s stopped,” she screams.

Bruiser puts a hand on her back as they watch the fissure shut. The portal to the other realm has been closed and Solider has been lost to the demons below.

Ranger reloads her rifle and looks down at you. Her eyes are resolute, but there’s a momentary flicker of something. The team looks around as a stomping starts to near. Warrior appears over the horizon and skids to a halt where the fissure was once open.

“Soldier?” he asks.

Bruiser shakes his head. Warrior places his swords into the ground in prayer. Tech stands up and pulls out the charm from her pocket.

“It’s still pulsing with his heat,” she tells you. She place it into your hand and you can feel its heat. “It was part of him.”

Ranger places her hand on Tech’s shoulder.

“We’ll fight to make sure his memory lives on,” she says.

“To Solider!” says Bruiser.

“To Soldier!”

The End.

— Page 24 —

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