Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

Ranger was built for stealth and had been trained for espionage, not for direct combat for the enemy. She sneaks ahead of the group and spies on a group of demon scouts searching for their party. She signals you forward along with your parents, but abruptly tells you to stop moving.

And then it happens. The feeling. A burning sensation from somewhere inside of your skulls. Uncontrollable. Unstoppable. Completely inevitable no matter how much you try to cover the sound. A sneeze is building.

Time slows as the sound erupts from your nose as you cover it just in time to launch into a coughing fit. Ranger readies her pickaxe and checks her watch. You look at your own and the little white dots are converging on your position.

“We’re not going to make it out of this one,” Ranger says.

The demons are coming and the exits are sealed off.

A sneeze defeated you.

The End.

— Page 19 —

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