Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

The arch demon’s hand closes over Soldier as Ranger’s beam lances through the other demon’s eye. Tech spins around on the wall and throws a circular device at the demon’s wrist. The two halves split and they hover just above the wrist before rotating around the wrist sending a cutting beam into the demon’s rock tendons.

Soldier is struggling against its grip, but it starts to loosen and he breaks free. Leaping from the first, he jumps onto the arch demon’s face and slams his fists into any crevice that he can.

“Is he biting it?” Bruiser yells from somewhere above you.

Suddenly Soldier stops and check his watch only to continue fighting with laughing like a madman. The demon’s grip is loosening on the wall and with a final beam from Ranger it falls off onto the ground below.

The demonic forces below are starting to make their way up and the fissure is closing above. Tech, Ranger, and Solider scramble past you up the wall. Bruiser jumps back down, straps you onto his back, and flies up through the crevice.

On the ground above, the team falls onto the grass panting. They’ve won. The war is far from over, but they take a few moments to recuperate before getting back into position. Something is stomping toward their position.

A few moments later, Warrior appears and greets the team.

“Much has happened while you have been away,” he says throwing a gun onto the ground before the team. “Things are about to become a bit more complicated.”

Ranger picks up the device and grimaces. It’s an exact replica of the laser blaster she hands it to you. You ask her what it means.

“It means,” she says looking over at the team, “that there’s another chosen one and another team out there somewhere.”


“We don’t know if they’re evil,” says Tech as she tinkers with Bruiser’s axe. “What the hell did you do to this thing?” She recoils as it sparks.

Bruiser laughs and throws another log onto the bonfire they’ve built. “I used it a lot today,” he says. “I’ve got a counter in my head too, two hundred and fifty confirmed kills.” He taps his head looking at the others.

Warrior stops sharpening his blades and his eyes glaze over for a few seconds. He suddenly starts to laugh. Bruiser throws a rock at him. “Out with it you barbarian,” he says.

“Seven hundred and sixty eight,” Warrior says. “Looks like you’ve got a bit of catching up to do.”

“How many does Zozhar count for?” Tech says with a wry smile.

Warrior’s smile disappears. “None of your business,” he says going back to sharpening his blades.

Soldier’s too distracted by his holo projector to give you an answer and Tech says that her numbers aren’t that impressive.

Ranger is standing at the edge of the camp keeping watch for enemy forces. You stand up from the bonfire and walk over to her.

She’s looking at the laser blaster Warrior had retrieved. She spins it around like a Western hollywood actor before holstering it onto her side.

“It’s the same weapon,” she says. “Same weight, same design, and same serial number.” She looks down at you and at the laser blaster holstered at your side. “When I met you, Chosen One, I didn’t think much of you. I never expected you to meet the challenges we’ve faced with the mettle and resolve that you’ve shown.”

She places a hand on your shoulder breaking the steely resolve that she’s been exuding since you leapt of out the back of your house. “I have still haven’t apologized for throttling you in your bedroom.”

She laughs and sits down. Even sitting, she’s almost as tall as you. She looks down at the second laser blaster.

“This blaster means that there’s another Chosen One out there and another Ranger protecting her charge,” she says. “We were never told during training that this could happen, so we’re all unsure what to think. There’s a chance that we can meet up with them and work together to beat Zozhar and his demons for good.”

She sighs.

“There’s also a chance that they’re working with the demons and we’ll have to take them down,” she says. “We still have to save your parents, too. We haven’t forgotten about that, but Zozhar may have been bluffing when he appeared on the surface and he’ll think twice about breaking through any fissures knowing Sniper is just waiting for him to show his ugly face.”

“What we do next, all depends on you,” Ranger says.

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