Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

You stand amid the terrified soldiers camped out behind the barricades and walk out toward the enormous demon looming out of the fissure.

Ranger reaches out to your hand, but misses you by a hair leaving you and the demon alone.

The speech you make swells the hearts of your companions as you announce that humanity will never cede to their demands so long as your heart beats in your chest. With a lightning fast motion, you unholster your laser blaster and fire a blast right into Zozhar’s eye sending him reeling.

You hear Ranger and Bruiser cry out as beams of green light streak past you into Zozhar’s gaping maw. Bruiser flies past you propelled by jets on his back and he slams an oversized beam axe into the giant fingers still clutching the earth.

Ranger pulls you back into cover and tweaks your laser blaster making it grow in proportion to your body into the shape of a rifle. You take aim and do you part in making sure Zozhar doesn’t get a second’s rest as Bruiser and his crew wrests his fingers off of the fissure’s edge.

“They’re unstable portals to the underworld!” Ranger yells over the din. “If we can send him back down it’ll be a long time before they can send up a demon his size up onto the mortal plane.”

A scream from the demon sends Bruiser flying. The fissure crackles with energy as Zozhar made to lift himself up out of the crack in the Earth. He laughs in jubilant tones that boom into the distance and darken the sky.

Bruiser jumps back into cover. “I don’t think we’re going to make it!” He spies over the cover and then looks to his watch. “I used up all of my fuel! There’s no way I can get close to him!”

You slam your hand onto the cover and take a few potshots at the slowing rising figure.

“What’s that?!”

A soldier points to the sky where a point of light is slowing growing.

“Warrior!” Ranger yells.

A sole figure falls from the sky, two giant swords held in both hands like wings.

He’s moving at tremendous speed with a halo of fire following in his wake. Right as he was about to meet Zozhar’s head, he spins around and crosses his sword. A beam of light illuminates the entire sky as an aquamarine jet meets the centre of the two blades.

As the swords and beam meet, time seems to stop. The swords light up with a blue energy as his spins back toward Zozhar and points his two swords toward the demon’s gigantic forehead. Warrior strikes.

The impact sucks out the sound from the world around you.

Zozhar begins to fall, his fingers going limp as they lose their grip on the fissure. With a great, sonorous groan the demon falls into the pit as it closes around him.

Ranger and Bruiser run out of cover toward the impact site. As the dust clears a human figure larger than even Bruiser emerges. His uniform is ripped to shreds, his long hair is matted on his shoulders, and his dark skin is covered in a fine later of dust and blood.

“What did I miss?” he asks.


Warrior sits prone behind cover using a makeshift headset given to him by Ranger.

“The damn thing broke on impact,” he says. “Sniper is up on the moon and trying to provide some support, but she’s not having much luck. We need Ranger to paint some targets for her and she should be able to deal some damage.”

You sit close to the hulking figure in awe of pretty much everything about him. He’s like Hercules, The Rock, and Jason Momoa wrapped up all in one guy who just fell from the moon, rocketed through the atmosphere, and plunged through a kilometre of demonic guts to save you.

“We need to find the rest of our team if we’re going to stand a chance at what’s about to charge out of the underworld,” he says. “Tech and Soldier are both missing in action, but we can assume wherever the demons took them they’ll be in the same place.” He looks over to Bruiser and Ranger.

“I still need a bit of a recharge, but they’re free to go find one of them. They need to go as a team and you’ll be on point, so whose it gonna be? Who do we save first?”

Go find Tech | Go find Solider

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