Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

The door opens and the gas floods the corridor where you and Bruiser stand.

Ranger looks toward you with bloodshot eyes and her plasma blades at the ready. Bruiser lights his jetpack and slams her into the wall disarming her. Holding her to the wall, he yells at you to get Solider out of there.

As you blast through Soldier’s restraints with your laser, your heads starts to feel hollowed out from the gas. Soldier is twice your size and pulling him out of the room isn’t an easy task, but you manage to get him out. His eyes have rolled into the back of his head and as you look back into the room you see Bruiser fall to the ground and Ranger pull on her visor.

You round the corridor with your laser blaster pointing it wildly in all directions. Ranger’s hands close over your neck and you close your eyes.

You’re dead.

The End.

— Page 13 —

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