Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

Ranger sneaks her way into the room. With her camouflage on its almost impossible to see her and it gives her a small amount of a phase-shift meaning she can pass through solid objects if she tries. Walking up behind Soldier, she checks his pulse.

Bruiser watches from the door and is in constant communication with Tech who is keeping a close eye on any alarms being set off by their rescue attempt.

As Ranger attempts to untie his bonds, she suddenly becomes visible. Her hands have been phased into the ropes essentially trapping her to the chair. The metal door slams shut in your face as Bruiser attempts to keep it open. A grey gas begins to flood the room, but Ranger is finally free herself from the bonds and phase her hands back to normal.

“The gas is the same neurotoxin that poisoned soldier, I’m trying to bring the door down, so get ready to pull the two of them out. Hold your breath!”

“Wait!” Bruiser yells over the com. “Wait.”

Inside of the room, Ranger is signalling to the door using hand signals. The toxin is clouding her mind and making her body tense. You watch as her muscles spasm uncontrollably as she begins to twitch. She lunges for solider and begins to rip into him with two plasma knives kept on her belt. She’s not drawing any blood from the captive, but she isn’t responding.

“Can you access her com?” Bruiser says over the com.

“Negative. She’s not responding to anything. Far as I can tell, she’s lost her mind. If we bring her out, we can probably reverse the affects.”

“Or we can leave her in there until she falls unconscious,” Bruiser says.

“Soldier might die by then…”

A stony silence fills the corridor.

Get her out of there! | Wait till the gas takes her

— Page 12 —

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