Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

“Where the hell are you goi—”

You stroll down the road with your ramen coupon in hand ready to get your noodles on.

All that talk about saving the world from some kind of invasion made you a bit too hungry to hear out Ranger. And seriously, what are the chances that some kind of invasion force could destroy the entire Earth?

As you reach “Niwatori Ramen”, you notice a light coming from your house down the street. Ranger comes streaking out of the house and runs past you. “I TOLD YOU SO, YOU FREAKING IDIOT!” she yells, her voice echoing into the distance.

Outside of Niwatori, hell has broken loose and has decided to make an extended visit to Earth. Demons flood onto the street and Earth’s defence forces are doomed to fail in their efforts to save the world, but the ramen is so good. They got just the perfect balance of—

The world ends.

The End.

— Page 28 —

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