Starship Titanic is out on GOG and it’s all right

Starship Titanic… I’ve tried a hundred different times to write about the game, but this time it’s going to work.

Developed by The Digital Village and published by Simon & Schuster originally in 1998, Starship Titanic is first-person point and click puzzler written by Terry Jones and Douglas Adams.

One the huge attractions of the game is its conversation system. You’re able to actually type in a question into your Personalized Electronic Thing (PET) and the robots in the game will do their best to answer you.

The answers are usually kind of useless, but if you know who’s who and what to ask the game can be a breeze. What isn’t a breeze, at least up until now, was getting the game to work on modern PCs. Luckily GOG has just released the game this past September and now everyone can have a chance to play the game… and get horribly frustrated by it too.

Much as I love the game it’s also really hard if you’ve never played it before, so here’s a quick walkthrough of the game from start to finish.

Starship Titanic

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