Who thought this was a good McIdea?

We use a number of streaming services in my home and CBC Gem is one of them.

It’s good and has a wide selection of shows, but there are some really repetitive ads. At one point, I remember seeing one ad from McDonald’s where the term “home invasion” was used.

It felt like a bit of a dream/nightmare seeing that tagline in the ad and after looking for months to find it on YouTube, I thought I’d almost imagined seeing it.

Then, my wife found it.

If you haven’t seen it, the ad features a group of teens entering a man’s home (presumably one or more of them is his kid or something). Then, the teens take all of the McDelivery food to eat it elsewhere. Basically, his son’s friends invaded his home in order to take the food away. Then the tagline states, “McDelivery loves a home invasion.”

It’s an innocent enough ad, but using the term “home invasion” elicits such a viscerally awful reaction in the depths of my soul.

Someone, a stranger, enters into your living space to either steal from you or harm you.

It’s pretty much the worst thing you could possibly imagine happening. I know I keep saying this is the worst, but it really is like the worst-case scenario of anything that could possibly happen, like ever.

A long time ago, I watched Synecdoche New York, which is a wholly depressing film starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman (it also features probably one of the most depressing songs ever sung).

Part of the film features the main character visiting his parent’s home only to realize that no one had cleaned up the blood from the home invasion that killed his mother. I still remember this scene and how awful of a feeling it was to imagine being in the same situation.

Anyway, all of this to say, I cannot imagine a worse McTagline for a home delivery service.


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