Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

Ranger lines up the shot and lances a beam into the head of the left arch demon. It groans as the beam pierces its eye. The demon’s handhold starts to falter and it falls leaving Solider on the rock face. The other arch demon reaches out toward Tech, but as it nears her Solider jumps from the wall and slams into its hand.

The demon lashes out with its free hand and grasps Soldier, but without any handholds it plummets toward the bottom of the fissure. Tech reaches out, but Ranger grabs her before she can jump after him.

“I can see his heart! It’s still beating! We have to go back for him!” Tech yells.

“We can’t go back, the fissure is closing behind us!” Ranger yells throwing her up the rock face. “We’ll get trapped down here! Soldier is made out of stern stuff, he’ll survive!”

Bruiser pulls you out of the fissure and back onto Earth. You look down into the fissure and watch as it slowly begins to close. The arch demons below are struggling with something, but from up here it’s hard to tell what happening. Tech scrambles over the edge and swears. She pounds her fists on the ground and pulls out her radio.

A few seconds later, Ranger is out. She’s still firing down into the crevice, but starting to run out of fuel having spent most of her ammunition and strength getting out of the hellscape below.

“Warrior is on the way and we can get support from Sniper,” Tech says. “She says she’s lined up a shot on the arch demons, but she says Soldier might be in the way.”

Tell her to fire! | Get Soldier’s Position first!

— Page 20 —

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