Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

“The Earth looks so small from up here,” Sniper says over the com.

Ranger, Bruiser, Tech, Solider, and Warrior have gathered around the camp fire and the radio Tech had constructed to get into contact with Sniper.

“How are the other zones doing?” Ranger asks stuffing her face with some of the take out Bruiser had delivered a few minutes before. “Why didn’t you get the chicken?”

Bruiser shrugs, but Sniper comes back onto the com.

“The chicken looks good,” Sniper says making everyone in the group feel a little guilty. “Do not mind, my body is able to absorb light to create nutrients. It’s set to simulate the flavour of the take out meal you are consuming. As to your other question, they are not faring well.”

She explains that the demonic forces have been slowed by the fissure disruptors placed underground, but portals are starting to appear in Europe and Asia. Humanity’s forces are holding them back, but things are looking dire.

“The humans are discussing the possibility of launching nuclear devices into the fissures when they appear, but they are unaware of the casualties they will cause if fired,” Sniper says.

Warrior looks up to the moon. “What are the chances they’ll resort to those measures?”

A slight pause. “Quite high,” Sniper says. “Chosen One, we will soon be forced to confront these leaders in order to bring sense to them. I can target specific individuals in order to lessen the chances of a device being launched, what would you deci—”

The group yells out interrupting Sniper.

“Don’t say that goddamn word,” Tech says. “Whenever you do we have to immediately start to act, let’s just relax for a while.”

Everyone relaxes. You explain that it would probably be a better idea to decide what to do tomorrow morning.

“Perhaps a wise decision, I will get some rest,” Sniper says. The com goes dead. The rest of the team chuckles and keeps eating.

You talk to the group for a while and decide to get some rest.

Get some rest

— Page 35 —

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