Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

The disc erupts in blinding light as you place it onto your watch. It grows and grows until it completely bathes you in its light. An orb of light slowly floats out of the watch and floats before you. A black box opens in front of the box with red lettering on it. “Customize Character Settings.”


Ranger stands on the tarmac watching as Bruiser brings out the plane.

“It’ll be a tight fit even after the refit!” he yells over the com. “I think if we all squeeze in we can each get a seat, but Warrior might have to fly cargo.”

Tech jumps out of the plane and hits the ground running. The team watches as the plane glows and begins to change. The plane groans as it begins to grow and new engines bloom out of its sides. Soldier starts to take a video mumbling something about the sweet karma he’ll get from uploading this.

After minutes of squeaking and groaning, the plane is completely transformed. Sleek and silver, aerodynamic and dangerous, it looks like an oversized version of Ranger’s laser rifle with Warrior’s swords for wings.

Warrior nods in approval of the design.

“I thought you’d like it,” Tech says.

Suddenly a stomping can be heard in the background. The team turns.

You run in through the compound’s gates and slide to a halt just in front of the team.

Bruiser lets out a whistle as he rejoins the team. “Look at you.”

You’ve grown quite a bit since the last time they saw you. A little taller than Ranger, but still shorter than Warrior your new body can only be described as adonic.

It’s still taking quite a bit of effort to not smash your feet through the ground with every step due to your new-found strength, but you’re getting used to the feeling.

Ranger steps forward and extends her hand. “Welcome back,” she says.

She winces as you shake her hand and the others laugh.

“I wonder if this was a mistake,” Tech says. “Luckily you can just take off the disc and revert back to your puny human body anytime she likes.”

As you pile onto the plane and settle in, Bruiser turns on the com.

“We’ll be flying right into downtown Tokyo,” he says. “I’ll drop the team off on top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and touching down on the second tower of the structure. If all goes to plan, the other team should see us and try to intercept. Lucky for us, we have a new ace in the hole.”

Everyone looks at you.

“Let’s get going.”

End of Part 1.

— Page 26 —

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