Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

You point your laser blaster at Ranger and start to scream at her wildly to put down hers. She looks at you with an expression of utter confusion as she puts the gun down on the ground.

“What the hell did you pick?” she yells. “The demons are on the way and you think disarming me is the best way to figure this thing out?” She doesn’t take your silence well.

Her foot slams into the kitchen table sending cutlery and wood shards flying.

The laser blaster is trembling in your hands, but you’ve charged it and you’ve got a pretty good idea how to use the thing. You tell her to get onto the ground and to put her arms behind her back.

As she gets into a prone pose, Ranger charges you. You shoot. She twirls out of the way just in time as the blaster rips open a hole in a nearby wall. Panicked, you run out into the backyard and find yourself surrounded by demons.

Ranger sticks her head through the crack. “You’re a complete idiot!”

As the demons begin to destroy the Earth, you start to think that maybe you made the wrong choice.

The End.

— Page 27 —

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