Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

Ranger bursts through the door with you under her arm. It wasn’t completely necessary, but she said it was the fastest way to travel on foot. Being jolted around starts to hurt your ribs and a little bit of motion sickness is starting to seep into your stomach.

You start to realize just how larger than life Ranger is compared to everyone else. She stands at least eight feet tall and she seems to possess super human strength and endurance being able to carry you around like you weigh nothing.

She pulls out her laser blaster and shoots the heads off of some demons in the distance before turning her attention back to you.

“Keep an eye on your watch and make sure no high-speed demons sneak up on us!” she yells. You can feel her muscles straining beneath her armour-clad suit. A line of demons are sprinting parallel to your course, but you can feel like she’s going to do something.

She takes two larger steps and then jumps onto the roof of a nearby house. She starts bounding between houses slamming you down into her arm every time she lands. You yell at her to stop, but between the spikes flying past your head and her speed she couldn’t care less.

“Bear with it! We’re almost there!” she yells.

As she does, a demon leaps from a nearby roof toward you. It’s claws start to tear through Ranger’s suit, but you’re quick on the draw and blast the demon in the face sending it toward the ground.

In the distance, bright, green pin points of light begin to appear. They grow larger and larger at an alarming rat. The beams slice through the pursuing demons and soon the air is filled with light. Some lance past a little too close for comfort, but they’re driving the demons back.

After what felt like a lifetime, you land and she drops you onto the ground. You look up only to see the largest man you’ve ever seen in your entire life shaking hands with Ranger and thrusting a laser rifle into her hands.

“Is this him?” he asks nodding toward you.

“That’s him,” Ranger says.

He picks you up using the back of your shirt like a handle and puts you gently down on the street.

“The name’s Bruiser and we’re going to clean up the streets of all these demons,” he said, his voice booming over the crowd of humans gathered at what looked like a water processing station. Your ribs are aching, but the blaster at your side is itching to take on some more demons.

“Solider, Tech, Sniper, Warrior, where are they now?” Ranger asked as she shot a precisely-aimed beam toward the town.

“MIA currently,” says Bruiser. “They’ll show up and most likely with more blood on their hands than us, but at least we’ve got the chosen one now. We’ll just have to—”

A large fissure opens at your feet. Red light and gas explode from it, and flames 20 feet high burst into the sky. Ranger pulls you away just in time to a safe distance. Bruiser and his soldiers move to a safe distance and start firing into the fissure beating back the demons attempting to stream through.

A second explosion sends the remaining demons back into the plane below, but two gigantic hands appeared over the edges of the fissure. A incomprehensibly horrifying face rose over the edge and silence descended upon the scene.

“Zozhar!” Bruiser exclaims pushing his forces back behind cover.

Ranger grabs you up again and brings you over to your allies.

“Parley,” Zozhar says in a tone that seems to freeze the air.


Ranger and Bruiser look over the cover.

“What the hell is there to talk about?” Ranger yells being careful to keep her laser rifle aimed directly at Zozhar eyes.

“We have taken this world,” the demon says in his droning voice. “The army bases, the militia, the resistance. They are all gone. Burnt to a crisp. We wish to speak with the one you say has been chosen.”

Ranger looks over to you. You have your laser blaster trained on the demon and she seems to approve.

“The Chosen One can hear you just fine from here, so please say your piece you demonic scum,” Ranger yells.

“Chosen One. We have taken your Earth. The ones who protect you have fallen to our influence save Ranger and Bruiser. Your birth parents are ours and being devoured into a cave of sorrow awaiting you in the seventh ring of the underworld. We give you options. Choose our side, and we spare humanity. Defy and you die.”

The soldiers around you take their hands off of their ears and look over to you. Zozhar’s voice chills the air and soaks fear into the bone. Ranger and Bruiser are the only two to have keep their weapons trained on the demon.

“Choose!” he booms.

Join the demon | Try to bargain with Zozhar | Fight the bloody demon

— Page 7 —

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