Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

Bruiser straps you onto his jet pack and gets ready to take off. Tech, Soldier, and Ranger are at a nearby outcropping of rocks and they’re ready to assault the encampment of demons.

Tech sends up the signal flare and the battle begins far below.

Ranger fires at the enemy from above while Solider takes on the incoming assault. Tech has planted bombs along the major routes toward their position, so enemy reinforcements will be funnelled toward the death zone, or the metallic man crashing his way through the enemy forces.

The arch demons, slow moving and creaking, turn toward the battle and stomp toward the fray.

“As soon as they’re out of range, we fly,” Bruiser says. “Hell or high water, we’ll get to the surface.” He glances at the battle and you can feel the apprehension in his shoulders as he readies himself.

Bruiser blasts off from the ground carrying you high into the air. As you reach the top of the fissure, a scream echoes from the battleground below. Tech is down. Soldier roars as he sees his companion fall, but he’s occupied with the arch demons who are stomping their way toward him. He’s not strong enough to take them on his own, but Ranger is being pinned down by enemy fire.

Over the top, the pain of the screams below become too much for Bruiser. He swings back around sending you flying off his back and onto the a jagged ledge on the cliff face. Axe swinging, Bruiser slams into the head of one of the arch demons who had crushed Solider.

As you struggle to find a handhold, you look at your watch to see multiple demonic signatures converging on you. They’re coming for you and no one is coming to the rescue. Ranger signals you over the com.

“It’s over,” she says. “I don’t know if you can hear me, but if you’re alive find Warrior. He’s the only one who can keep yo—”

The com cuts out. Far below, the demonic hordes have overrun the group. The handhold on the cliff face begins to crumble.

As you fall, you realize that you made the wrong choice.

The End.

— Page 30 —

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