Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

Zozhar’s breath chills the air as you attempt to bargain with the gigantic demon. He’s growing impatient of your attempts to subvert his demands and trying to throw the control of certain countries into the deal.

The mind of a demon is immemorial and unconcerned with the mortal plane, but you don’t know that.

The bargaining process goes on for days at the world is laid to waste around you. Ranger and Bruiser moved on a few days back in order to begrudgingly parley with some of the other demon generals around the world.

And the end of the negotiations, the terms stand as thus:

The demons get control of the world above and below of the equator, but only between 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.. At all other times, humanity will be in control of the world and will help maintain the supply of virgins to be sacrificed to the demonic overlords.

Zozhar appears fatigued and takes a sip from his water tower filled with Red Bull. He looks almost reflective some emotion appearing in his eyes for the first time since you met him.

“Human chosen one, you are not so bad. We demons appreciate your candor in the proceedings and we look forward to growing a stable relationship between our two warring world. As is the human way, shall we shake on our deal?”

You smile.

His hand reaches out from the fissure and crushes you as you reach out.

You are dead.

The End.

— Page 22 —

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