Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

Ranger slaps her hands to her face.

“Why would you pick that one?”

She takes out her laser blaster. The sound of it charging fills your small bedroom as the slight, silverly weapon starts to buzz with energy. Sidling up to the wall at the far side of your bedroom, Ranger takes a peek outside and darts back to cover.

“Demonic fissures are opening up all over,” she says. “They’re portals to the underworld and there’s a big one right in your backyard!”

You crawl over to the window and look out only to have the glass shatter in your face. Ranger pushes you to the ground and fires a few blasts out of the window.

“We’re gonna have to do this the hard way!” she yells over the din.

Spikes are lodging themselves in the bedroom walls each with a resounding thud. Ranger throws you a small watch and tells you to put it on.

“This will give you a map of the surrounding area!” she yells between blasts. “The plan was to regroup outside of town with the others, get some bigger weapons, and head off the invasion underground, but no you had to jump the gun.”

Two blue bars appear in front of you with your choices. Both options appear equally dire.

“I’m unable to make these decisions for you!” Ranger says with a small plasma charge in her hand. She throws it out of the window and a plume of dust spews through the window.

“What’s the plan?”

CHARGE! | Cower in fear

— Page 2 —

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