Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

Ranger grabs you up from your seat and marches you downstairs. On the way down, she slaps a watch onto your wrist and hooks a small laser blaster to a holster that magically appears at your side.

Your mom and dad are in the kitchen, and look up as you approach.

“Oh my,” your mom says knocking a bowl of cereal off the kitchen counter.

“Hey, hey! Look at you, sneaking in a lovely lady like this into the house at night,” your dad says standing up from the table.

“Yes, I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure,” your mom, says.

It soon dawns on them that Ranger isn’t exactly your typical guest being decked out in armour, as tall as the room, and wielding what looks like a gun that could maul a small country with one shot.

“I’m taking your child with me,” she says. “It is destined to save the world, but we need to prepare for the demon invasion that’s about to occur.”

You give your parents a desperate look.

The watch on your arm starts to beep. A holographic map hovers over the watch face revealing several white dots starting to move around a perfect model of your house. Ranger takes a look at her own watch and cocks her laser blaster.

“Looks like we’ve run out of time, parents of the child go down to the basement and stay hidden!”

As if under some kind of spell of authority, your parents head down into the basement closing the door behind them. Ranger picks up the stove and barricades the front door.

Several more heavy appliances are thrown around the house until every window and entrance, save the ones upstairs, are barricaded.

Screams rise up from outside. The watch vibrates and shows that the white dots are starting to converge on the house. Ranger grabs your arm to look at the watch. She frowns.

“We’ve got to get out of here,” she says. “There’s a group of us waiting on the outskirts of town who can help us bring an end to this invasion. It’s imperative that we get to them, but it won’t be easy.”

As she charges up her laser blaster, three buttons appear in the air before you.

Tunnel your way out through the basement | Make your escape at the back of the house | Freak out and give up

— Page 5 —

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