Chose your own adventure: Ranger’s Battle

After a hurried conversation, your parents are ready to go. The laser blaster has made the tunnel more of a slide, so it will be a matter of seconds before they reach the sewers and some kind of safety. Your mother and father are a bit too scared to be sad about being separated, but they give you some reassuring words before they leave.

“We always knew you were special and that you’d accomplish something great in your life,” your dad says.

“Too bad you never had a chance to go to law school like your sister,” your mother says with a bit of a disparaging tone.

Ranger pats you on the shoulder. “We’ve got to go, hurry it up.”

With a final look, your parents slide down into the tunnel and the darkness below.

The walls of the basement start to crack around you and Ranger. The demons are clawing their way in and the light of a demonic fissure is starting to shine through the tunnel leading to the sewer. It shakes the entire house making you tumble over into Ranger’s arms.

Ranger pushes past you and shines a light from her blaster down into the hole.

“Dammit the tunnel has caved in!”

She grabs up your blaster and holding both starts to drill down into the hole. You take up a shovel that’s laying on the floor and start to playing whack a demon with the pink slugs flowing into the room. It’s looking more and more desperate every second, but Ranger seems to be making progress.

Ranger looks back at you, but as she does a slug jumps through the wall and envelopes her arm. Still set to the boring mode, the blaster seems to be feeding the slug making it grow later and larger by the second. She slams the butt of the other blaster into the slug’s head, but nothing seems to work.

A single piercing point of light starts to grow in the belly of the slug.

“It’s reacting to the energy and crystallizing it!” she yells tossing you the other blaster. “Set it back to blasting mode and take it off at the head.”

You look at Ranger knowing full well the shot would remove her arm and a large part of the basement wall. You point place the barrel of the blaster on her arm and pull the trigger.

In the split second the atomic reaction occurs in the blaster’s generator, the crystallized energy in the slug explodes. Half of the city is destroyed in the blast. Your parents survived to begin the resistance to the demonic forces invading Earth, but humanity doesn’t stand a chance.

The End.

— Page 16 —

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