The crew of Twin Peaks, where are they now?

Twin Peaks is, perhaps, one of the best shows to ever grace television screens around the world.

With rumours of a new show on the way – Laura Palmer herself corroborating that by proclaming she’ll be seeing Dale Cooper in 25 years – fans have a bit to be excited about.

But you have to ask yourself, where are the cast and crew now? Well, I did a little searching and here’s a little article catching up with the colourful crew of Twin Peaks.

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper

Thumbs up to a new season of Twin Peaks.

Thumbs up to a new season of Twin Peaks.

After re”coop”erating from his journey into the Black Lodge, Dale Cooper decided he was going to head back to Seattle. The time he spent in Twin Peaks was relaxing, but with Annie’s disappearance and now having to mend a broken heart Dale decided it was time he headed back to base.

On his way back to Seattle, Dale Cooper’s car hit a time warp. Disoriented and confused, he found himself transported back to the Stone Age where men and dinosaurs coexisted. Seeing this as a test from the Black Lodge, he took on the name Cliff Vandercave and with his vastly superior intellect became the local stone pit’s manager.

What a stone, cold pimp.

What a stone, cold pimp.

It was a disguise almost too perfect, but his new persona served as a reminder of the deeper parts of his psyche that had been changed by BOB. Slowly taken over by the demon from the Black Lodge, he became greedier and greedier eventually attempting to deceive the inhabitants of Bed Rock.

Eventually, Dale Cooper found himself on the bad end of a rock-tipped spear and had to flee from the prehistoric age where he found himself. Assaulted by one of his managers, Fred Flintstone, after the town learned he had embezzled a bunch of money from the quarry, he fled.

Did Dale Cooper manage to reach the time warp? Well, we’ll have to see if he did in the new season of Twin Peaks where he’ll likely be spending a lot more time without shoes.

Dick Tremayne

What a charmer.

What a charmer.

Realizing that there was nothing left for him in Twin Peaks, Richard “Dick” Tremayne – who worked at Ben Horne’s department store in the Men’s Fashion department – decided he could find himself some more meaningful work on the East coast.

Going to school for real estate, Dick found himself a pretty successful career dealing in some of the more interesting properties in the city under his new name: Evan Kurlander.

Who wouldn't want a house with a Panic Room?

Who wouldn’t want a house with a Panic Room?

Finding an apartment for one of his new clients, Meg Altman, was just another successful day in real estate away from that ridiculous life he lead in Twin Peaks.

Well, maybe this one sale didn’t really go as planned.

Maybe Dick will make a trip back to Twin Peaks for the new show, but we can only hope.

Leland Palmer

What beautiful eyes.

What beautiful eyes.

The Red Room is a strange place, and it’s taken Leland Palmer to some even weirder locations after his initial time spent in Twin Peaks.

Going into the near future, Leland Palmer found himself part of a gang of criminals in downtown Detroit. Taking on the name Leon Nash, he decided to just play along for a bit seeing where this whole adventure in the future would take him. If only he knew



Let’s just say things didn’t end too well, but in his next reality jump he ended up somewhere pretty cool. Taking on the role as a United States Senator, Leland changed his name to Michael Dugan and ran a successful presidential campaign. However, just a few days into his term, the Soviet Union decided to attack.

Well, fuck, Leland thought, but things could be worse. Being the nice the guy he is – minus all of the psychopathic murder stuff – he tries to bring calm to the world, but ends up bringing about the Third World War.

Let’s just say things didn’t end up going his way, but maybe he’ll return to this reality and Twin Peaks in the new show.

Leo Johnson

Those suspenders, man the 90s were cool.

Those suspenders, man the 90s were cool.

Picking himself up from his ordeal under the control of Windom Earle, Leo Johnson decided it was time to get a little sun. Heading West to Los Angeles, he took on the name Eric DaRe and did a little acting.

As an actor some of his major roles included SeaQuest 2032, Starship Troopers, and Delivering Milo.

He was also in Critters.

He was also in Critters.

Unfortunately, Leo was recently involved in a witch hunt for a Hollywood arsonist. With his prior convictions burning down a lumberyard in Twin Peaks, he was the first pick for the police.

Fortunately, things picked up and the real arsonist was found freeing Leo Johnson of any wrong doing. As someone who had gone through a lot in Twin Peaks, it was a real boon to him and his acting career.

Just glad the 90s are over.


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