The Ensign Kim Diaries

Stardate 49955.5 “Bowel Troubles”


Ensign’s Log — Spent three hours practicing clarinet today for Neelix’s upcoming Talent Night and used up all of my Holodeck time using one of Tom’s programs… I don’t need to elaborate. It was a long day, but at least Ensign Boylan took up night duty.

Worked an infuriating shift with B’Elanna Torres trying to fix some bugs in the EPS conduits on deck 5. We had to install some extra memory for the Emergency Medical Hologram. B’Elanna spent half the time arguing with him before switching off his program.

Had to stick around to speak with the doctor about the medical issues I’ve been having lately. As you probably know, Intrepid class ships aren’t built for comfort. Sure, it’s meant for deep space exploration, but it had to make a few exceptions to keep the ship “clean” … read more



Ensign’s Log — Got myself into a bit of trouble, log. Sigh… it was inevitable and of course Tom was involved.

Over the last few years, our ship has been boarded countless numbers of times and although I’m not head of security, I though it would be interesting to propose some changes to the ship’s defensive infrastructure at the last all crew meeting.

Defense Turrets!

Stardate 49011.2 “Time Travel”


Ensign’s Log — Ok, I’m starting to freak out a little. Two days ago, I was involved in a temporal accident that sent me into another timeline where I was in San Francisco. An alien race was apparently watching my every step and attempting to get me home, but things started to get a little… hairy.

Meeting Tom in this alternate dimension, I was able to steal a shuttle craft I had apparently designed and was able to recreate the conditions that had me thrown into this alternate dimension. When I got back, everything was back to the way it was before the accident, but there’s something unsettling going on.

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