Stardate 49011.2 “Time Travel”

Ensign’s Log — Ok, I’m starting to freak out a little. Two days ago, I was involved in a temporal accident that sent me into another timeline where I was in San Francisco. An alien race was apparently watching my every step and attempting to get me home, but things started to get a little… hairy.

Meeting Tom in this alternate dimension, I was able to steal a shuttle craft I had apparently designed and was able to recreate the conditions that had me thrown into this alternate dimension. When I got back, everything was back to the way it was before the accident, but there’s something unsettling going on.

Through a little research (and breaking into archives) I’ve found no less than 50 instances where Star Fleet personel have travelled through time and made changes. I’m not entry 51 in that long timeline of changes made to the universe itself, but I haven’t told anyone. How do I know that this me is the real me? I mean, time travel, dimension hopping, it’s enough to make anyone a little confused, but there are some concerns I’ve got with Star Fleet.

Stardate 48439.7, our ship responded to a distress call, but was sucked into the event horizon of a time singularity. It turned out the ship that sent out the distress signal was ours. We escaped by the hair of our teeth, but what if we weren’t supposed to? What if our ship was meant to be crushed in the singularity…

A few weeks later, Tom and Captain Janeway went down to the surface of a dead planet and disappeared. It turned out they fell into the past and we were able to eventually create a rift in time and space to bring them back. Suddenly, everything changes and the once-dead planet is now bristling with a pre-warp civilization. No one seemed to remember what the planet once looked like, but I do…



Stardate 48579.4, we detected a micro wormhole to the Alpha Quadrant! It was a time filled with hope until we made contact with a Romulan ship beyond the rift. Dr. Telek R’Mor of the Romulan Astrophysical Academy… well it turned out that the micro wormhole was also a door into the past, almost twenty years into the past. Upon searching through the ship’s database, Tuvok discovered that R’Mor died 4 years before we disappeared, so he couldn’t have passed on the message…

Within the span of a few months, we time travelled on three occasions and changed the universe as we know it. I seem to be the only person who has trouble dealing with the implication of these trips through time. What if we never spoke with R’Mor and as a result he survived to a ripe, old age? What if Tom and Janeway never went down to that planet and it remained barren? What if that event horizon was meant to crush Voyager into oblivion?

What if, I am supposed to be back on Earth designing shuttle crafts?

Us being trapped in the Delta Quadrant could be a direct result of my tampering with the timeline in the past, the true past, not this one. What if the incident with the Caretaker was as a result of of something happening in the future and rippling backwards in time?

We’re not talking about any kind of pre-destination paradox ensuring that I’m Ensign Harry Kim aboard the Starship Voyager, what if things are supposed to be different? Seeing Libby again has shaken me. Think I’ll head to the holodeck sometime this afternoon…

Knowing that time travel is real changes everything. We should honestly stop the ship, set up camp on a planet, and work on creating time travel technology to warp our ship back in time to prevent the events of us being lost in the Delta Quadrant from ever happening. Ok, I haven’t told anyone, but I already have a small, working prototype I made after last night. If it works, I could send myself hurtling through time and bring me back to San Francisco and Libby.

Wait, there’s someone at the door.

**Log Ends**

Stardate 49011.3

Ensign’s Log — Ok, time travel is definitely out. The other Harry Kim is now dead and I’ve resumed my duties aboard the Starship Voyager. Traveling backwards in time somehow created a ripple effect that ended up destroying the universe.

It seems that traveling forward in time to the moment I conceived the idea to go backwards in time was the only way to stop the destruction of the universe.

At least I know a few of the events to come and could possibly make things a little easier for the crew, but not looking forward to being stuck here for more than 7 years.

The best idea is to remain inconspicuous. No looking for promotions or making waves, but I guess this knowledge of the future might help me out of a few scraps. It makes me practically invincible since I know that somehow I’ll make it back to the Alpha Quadrant unharmed.

I’ve become a god. A time god unable to die, yet still able to be horribly maimed on several occasions.

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