I’m pretty sure they could have saved Dobby

When I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 in theatres, I laughed at a particular scene that caused the entire audience to shoot eye daggers at me.

Call me a monster, but I couldn’t stop laughing at Evanna Lynch’s (Luna Lovegood) delivery of her line as Dobby the House Elf lays dead in Daniel Radcliffe’s arms.

It was probably because I had never bothered to read the books up until that point, so the emotional buildup to the scene where Dobby dies didn’t have the same impact on me as it did on everyone else.

And years later with the scene in both the book and the movie in mind, I got to thinking. They totally could have saved Dobby. I mean, Hermione didn’t have her bag or her medicine, but there are ways.


Transfiguration spell

We never saw McGonagall turn it back to normal...

We never saw McGonagall turn it back to normal…

As Minerva McGonagall tells Harry Potter and Ron Weasley over and over in the books, Transfiguration is “Hella difficult”, but as she actually put it:

Transfiguration is some of the most complex and dangerous magic you will learn at Hogwarts. Anyone messing around in my class will leave and not come back. You have been warned.

Basically, Transfiguration focuses on the alteration of a body or an object. Sometimes it’s as simple as turning an animal into a goblet or as complex as becoming actually becoming a wolf.

There’s even a formula that determines how difficult it is to transform something that brings in the variables of wand power, viciousness, concentration, and bodyweight(Uncle Dursley would be really hard to transform…).

There’s also been some thought put into Transfiguration’s inability to turn something dead into something that’s alive. For instance, while you can turn a parrot into a goblet you can’t turn a goblet into a parrot, or at least one that would have truly living characteristics.

However, there’s nothing that says Transfiguration can’t stave off death.

Now when Dobby appears on that beach with a knife sticking out of his little stomach, Harry Potter’s first instinct shouldn’t have been to cradle him in his arms. He should have transformed him into a statue of a house elf essentially freezing him in time until they could have gotten him the proper medial care.

The only problem is that a Transfiguration spell doesn’t last forever, so it would require a very powerful witch or wizard to cast a spell that could keep Dobby frozen in time long enough to get him to a hospital. Given that the crew was on the run and they didn’t have great resources, there’s still a high chance that Dobby would die.

But a tea cup can’t bleed to death, so why not just try it?

Healing spell

At least it doesn't hurt anymore.

At least it doesn’t hurt anymore.

This link is not-safe-for-life, but it shows you that getting stabbed doesn’t mean you’re going to die.

While the complexities of house elf physiology is a bit of a mystery, I can only assume that the knife thrown by Bellatrix Lestrange into Dobby must have hit a vital organ somewhere in the little elf’s stomach.

HOWEVER, I got to believe that from all of the beatings, stabbings, and magic exploding spells sent careening toward them, house elves should be pretty damn tough.

Anyway, there are a total of seven healing spells known in the Harry Potter universe. They are: Anapneo, Ossio, Dispersimus, Episkey, Ferula, Reparifors, Tergeo, and Vulnera Sanentur. There are also a bunch of spells that aren’t identified that heal wounds, but the one we’re focusing on is Vulnera Sanentur.

While the spell is seemingly only known to Severus Snape… actually that kind of breaks this theory in half. While you’d expect there to be a bevy of healing spells in this world there really aren’t. Snape created the spell specifically to heal wounds created by Sectum Sempra, which was another spell he created to cut people.

HOWEVER, between Harry, Hermione, Ron, Bill, Fleur, Luna, Griphook, and Garick Ollivander I got to believe that one of them knew a spell that could heal a wound created by a knife. I mean it’s not like Dobby was bludgeoned to death or burned alive, he was essentially cut really badly… on the inside.

Basically, they could have just tried to use a healing spell on him and see if it worked.

Summoning Charm

Ok, so here me out.

Over on some forum thing, they have these ground rules for the Accio charm.


  • As long as you know exactly what you want, verbalizing the precise name isn’t necessary (up to and incluing omitting the subject at all). Ref: GoF, Harry vs. dictionary; GoF, Mrs.Weasley vs WWW products
  • No line of sight needed. Ref: OotP, twins vs broomstics.
  • No need to know the location Ref: HP, Hermione vs Horcrux books.
  • No known distance limits (depends on concentration), Hogwarts to grounds is OK Ref: GoF, Harry vs broom

One of the big theories as to why Dobby couldn’t be saved has to do with Hermione losing her bag inside of the Malfoy Manor. Now I’m crazy and did some calculations as to where the super Hogwarts team was and where they transported themselves to.

That's about 180 miles or 280 kilometres.

That’s about 180 miles or 280 kilometres.

Now if Accio doesn’t have distance limitations, it can go through buildings, and there was a dire need for a bottle of Essence of Dittany, I’ve got to believe that Harry Potter could have summoned up Hermione’s bag from the Malfoy Manor.

Considering how powerful Harry’s magic can be when he’s under stress and that he knew it was on the ground in the room where Hermione was getting all scared up then he could have zoomed it to him. They could have just tried to summon something that could have helped.

Take Care of Magical Creatures

Do you know what is the weirdest part of Dobby’s death? Everyone blames Hermione.

Now, we know Hermione is the best spell caster of the lot of them, but why does Dobby’s death rest on her? She had just been assaulted by Bellatrix Lestrange and who knows what the heck that crazy Death Eater was doing to her in the manor. Sure, Hermione knows how to use healing potions, but she isn’t Madam Pomfrey.

Healing magic is seemingly very complex and limited, so it would have taken a trained expert to heal someone with the wounds that Dobby suffered. And everyone else could have pitched in a bit more too.

Harry could have done more to disable Bellatrix before they left, Ron could have taken the knife himself to make up for his dickish attitude toward house elves, and Dobby could have been a little more careful not to get hit by a knife.

But if there’s anyone to blame it’s really Hagrid… now hear me out.

Humans, Witches, Wizards, and House Elves are very different creatures. We don’t even know if they’re built the same way as us and even then there’s nothing to say that conventional magic works on them. For instance, Dobby can transport in and out of rooms that are protected by magical barriers, so maybe a healing spell wouldn’t work.

There are so many questions that need answers and do you know who should have had them? Hagrid.

If Hagrid had been a better Care of Magical Creatures professor, he would have told Harry, Ron, and Hermione how to tend to a wounded house elf, but guess what… they dropped the goddamn course because he was a bad teacher.

That being said, if the super trio had been stout enough to have kept on with the course maybe they would have learned about how to take of magical creatures from Professor Grubbly-Plank who presumably took over the course in their last years at school.

Basically, there was a way to save Dobby, but due to some pretty poor education they were left helpless and broke the hearts of many a readers.

Now I’m going to go cry for about ten minutes.


4 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure they could have saved Dobby

  1. Since you mentioned that you read the books.
    1. Cedric Diggory transformed a rock to a dog in the 4th task. So you can convert inanimate objects to animate ones.
    And in the gif of Prof McGonagall, once again,in the book, during the first lecture,she turns her table into a pig and then BACK into a table.
    2. Vulnerna sanentur is not mentioned in book
    3. Tergeo is a cleaning charm.
    4. If you have a bit of idea of biology, heart muscles are complicated. You simply can’t patch it up like skin. Same reason why Harry still wears glasses , everything cannot be fixed easily (m using the world easily) by magic.
    5. Anyone who has read the books won’t blame Hermione. She was unconscious and inside the cottage when harry arrived with dobby
    6. And how can you even think of Ron ‘taking’ the knife. Like Bellatrix wasn’t asking, who’s up for this next?! Also in the book, Ron is with Hermione at one spot and others are at another spot (within few feet I guess but not at same spot) cz they apparate separately. So Ron couldn’t really jump across the room with an unconscious Hermione in tow saying ‘Dobby here I come’
    I think the only way Dobby could possibly have been saved was if there was some heart surgeon equivalent level of Healer available in state to instantly dispense treatment.
    I apologize for if I seem harsh but I hated to think Dobby died of negligence.

    • “…he knelt over Malfoy, drew his wand and traced it over the deep wounds Harry’s curse had made, muttering an incantation that sounded almost like song. The flow of blood seemed to ease; Snape wiped the residue from Malfoy’s face and repeated his spell. Now the wounds seemed to be knitting.”

      The spell was used in the books. I am uncertain if it was named Vulnera Sanentur in the books, but it existed. And in fact Harry witnessed Snape curing Malfoy in the washroom. In the movies he ran away, but in the books he stood there watching.

  2. I have a question, and a good one at that. I should say I’m basing this off of the film footage and not from actually having read the books, to take into account how it was illustrated otherwise. Anyway, my question is one of simple physics. How was Bellatrix able to throw the knife with enough velocity to cover the better 3/4 length of that room to get the blade caught in Dobby’s Disapparate? If you watch the scene, you can see the size of the room once Dobby unscrews the chandelier and everyone jumps back. Using Hermoine as a reference, let’s say she stands at 5’0″, from where Bellatrix had her underneath before jumping back there’s a good 60ft to where Dobby Disapparates the crew. However, just before the actual Disapparate happens and we see the scene of Bellatrix throwing the dagger, she can be seen standing at least another 10 feet beyond where the chandelier fell. Making the distance to cover AT LEAST 70ft. Given that even the fastest blade throwers can only muster a rate of 55ft/sec. Bellatrix would have had to throw twice that force if not thrice. Seriously, am I the only one seeing this?! Every single Disapparate spell shown up until this point could not have lasted longer than 3 tenths of a second, and the blade hadn’t even left her had until the spell was already in motion, soooo where’s the logic in that?? I can’t imagine there would have been much detail in the book about spacial comparison, velocity, and the overall timeframe of all I covered here, so I’m pretty sure J.K. was just removing physics from this section so that the only character with any dignity at all could meet his fate so sickening fast it’s deplorable, just to pay homage to “the great” Harry Potter who couldn’t even use the accio spell to retrieve the fake tri-wiz cup port key before anything even took place in the cemetery. Sorry, just really disappointed when monumental characters get “theirs” by such inexcusable means.

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