Flotilla is a series of short stories I’ve been working on over the last year or so. It tells the stories of a people who have left their home and they’re searching for a new place to settle down. The stories follow, mainly, Charlotte Allard, an engineer and amateur pilot who lives aboard a garbage scowl called the Chariot. She dreams of exploring the universe and an accident lands her on the Alliance, the flagship of the fleet.

These stories are a work in progress and my hope is that eventually readers will be able to see the same world that exists up in my noggin. I hope you enjoy reading these stories and feel free to leave a comment!



Charlotte Allard finds herself aboard the Alliance, the flagship of the flotilla. It’s been her dream to one day be here though she’d hope to make in under more ideal circumstances. Everyone aboard just seems to want her off, especially the ship’s captain, Garman. Read more!



The Hawks are feared throughout the flotilla and one of their finest just boarded the Chariot. Shelly’s not quite what the crew expected, but she holds a dark secret that will bring the Chariot to the edge. Read more!


The Kiln

The Alliance wasn’t always the flagship of the flotilla. A young Garman and a ship designer named Canis discover why its predecessor was put down after years of being in service to the fleet. Read more!



Aboard the Alliance is an arboretum the size of a national park and it needs an army of people both real and artificial to take care of it. After taking a spill, Spud, a robot caretaker, discovers that he can feel, which is completely against his programming. Read more!